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Engineering Scholarships

National Science Foundation Scholarship                     

Priority Application Date:   April 15, 2014

The National Science Foundation Scholarship is available to incoming freshman who plan to study engineering at Itasca, and show some amount of demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  results.  This scholarship is made possible by National Science Foundation funding that supports a specific project-based learning environment.

Students awarded may receive approximately 500.00 in the fall semester, with the potential for increase in the 2nd semester (providing a 2.8 gpa is maintained and the student is progressing in a project-based learning cohort).  Interested students may submit their application (even if still awaiting FAFSA results) however, no official award can be made to a student until FAFSA information is verified and financial need is confirmed.  Applications may be received after the priority date, but will be considered only if funds are still available.

To apply:  Please click the link below to print the scholarship application, complete form and attach requested documents.  Applications should be mailed to the requested address or scanned (in PDF format) and emailed to kimberly.damiani@itascacc.edu

National Science Foundation Application

Questions?  Contact Kim Damiani, 218-322-2370 or kimberly.damiani@itascacc.edu