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Nov 16 - Jan 15 - Design a T-Shirt Contest

Design a T-Shirt Contest

Nov 16 - Jan 15

Design a T-Shirt Contest

Design a T-shirt to be sold in the ICC Bookstore! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Deadline: January 15, 2016

Who can apply? ICC Students

How will it be judged? T-Shirt will first be judged by students and then faculty and staff



T-Shirt must be appropriate and non-offensive

Design must fit completely on to t-shirt

Is ICC related


Winner will have the t-shirt sold in the ICC Bookstore and gets a free t-shirt. They also get 25% off one item in the bookstore.

Dec 1 - Dec 14 - Homeless Shelter Hygiene Drive

Homeless Shelter Hygiene Drive

Dec 1 - Dec 14

This Holiday season the Psychology Club, along with Student Support Services, is hosting a Hygiene Drive for our local homeless shelter. The Grace House is the only local homeless shelter in Itasca County and serves many ICC students.

Many organizations hold a food drive or a toy drive but the Psychology Club felt strongly that the need for hygiene products is an unfulfilled need in our area.  


We will be collecting materials from November 30-December 14.

Drop-off Locations:

There are three drop-offs around campus:  ICC Library, Psychology Club Lounge, and Student Support Services in Backes.

Critical Need Items:

·         Shampoo (Full size bottle)

·         Conditioner (Full size bottle)

·         Body wash (Full size bottle)

·         Deodorant-Men’s and Women’s (Full size)

·         New Underwear-Men’s and Women’s (All Sizes)

·         Socks-Men’s and Women’s

·         Razors

·         Shaving Cream

·         New Towels-Guests receive these as they move and find their own place to live

·         Pajama Pants (Size M-XXXL)

Thank you for your support of this wonderful cause. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Gillman
ICC Student Support Services-TRiO

Dec 8 - Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament

Dec 8


Tuesday, December 8
Mullins Gym
8:00 pm

  • $10 entry fee per team; fee will be collected at the door.
  • Up to ten members per team
  • No more than 12 teams will be accepted
  • This is a single elimination tournament
  • Last day to sign up your team is December 7

Sign-up sheet is in the cafeteria!

Dec 15 - Final Exams

Final Exams

Dec 15

Dec 16 - Final Exams

Final Exams

Dec 16

Dec 17 - Final Exams

Final Exams

Dec 17

Dec 18 - Final Exams

Final Exams

Dec 18